Sunflower Land


The aim of Sunflower Land is to create the #1 Play to Own Crypto game. We want to tailor an accessible and friendly crypto experience where players can leave their mark on the MetaVerse and understand the true nature of crypto gaming - you own what you collect.
We are strong believers in the community and the power that gaming can have on the players. Value in Sunflower Land comes from the effort, customisation and personal experience a person pours into building their farming empire. When someone is attached to the farm and community, they are willing to burn more resources and less likely to let go of their creations.


  1. 1.
    Improve Web3 Literacy
We will become the conduit to introducing people into cryptocurrency and the world of Web3. The game should be accessible and understandable for all walks of life.
2. Benchmark for transparency
Change the perspective of building a game and company in the Web3 space. Combat the toxicity and shady projects that haunt this space with friendliness and transparency around all aspects of the company.
3. Disprove the idea the someone has β€˜come too late’.
Gameplay should be engaging for new or long term players. Everyone has their own unique experience building out their MetaVerse and the game stays forever young.
4. Crowd sourced
We are bullish on the power of this community and what we can build together. The art, code, game design, tokenomics and processes will be shaped by the players and contributors of the project. We want to take the lead on community contributing protocols that will define this space.
The team are passionate about charity, sustainability and equality. We will also endeavour in these areas, however we need to be clear that our purpose is to build this game, not to virtue signal.



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