Sunflower Land
The purpose of Beta is to experiment with ideas, listen to the feedback of the community and iterate on the game mechanics. We have validated some key concepts around tokenisation and community involvement but we also discovered flaws and learnt important lessons.
Using what we have learnt in Beta, we are preparing to launch a game with significantly more gameplay mechanics, resources and a balanced economy. Essentially we will take the training wheels off!
The purpose of this document is to explore upcoming features that will make up the Sunflower MetaVerse.

Sunflower Isles (Land Expansion)

So far, Sunflower Citizens have been restricted to the geography of Sunflower Land and Goblin Village. Players will soon be able to venture into the Sunflower Isles, expand their land and explore new islands.
Beta testing for Sunflower Isles begins in November. This will be restricted to players with the 'Warrior' badge and the top 100 players (by experience). We will then open it up to the top 200 players, and then the top 1000 and then all players.
  • NFT Land Generation
  • Land Customisation
  • Random Resource Generation (Wood, Stone)
  • Land Expansion (burn wood, stone + resources and mint new piece of land)
  • Construct Buildings
  • Move and place SFTs (rare items) on your farm
  • Bonus Buildings - Tent, Markets, Water Well
  • Decorations
  • Bonus resources (Coal, Clay, Diamond, Kale, Magic Seeds, Mutant Crops)
  • Level gated islands - access to bonus island once you reach certain level

Build your Bumpkin - Dynamic NFTs

The first customisable NFT & SFT collection. Players will be able to collect rare SFT tokens (shirts, pants, hats, boots etc.) and equip them to their Bumpkin NFT. This gives players control of their identity and the ability to equip their Bumpkins with items to help them build their farming empire.
We will launch our Bumpkin collection as a project built on top of the Sunflower MetaVerse. All SFTs will be bought using the SFL token that can be earned through in-game gameplay.
Beta testing for Bumpkins will begin in October. This is a brand-new technology that does not currently exists. It will be reserved for the core team and moderators to perform manual testing and support across NFT marketplaces. Public launch of Bumpkins and SFTs will likely coincide with Sunflower Isles release.
  • Mint Bumpkin NFT (free for Sunflower Land players)
  • SFT Collection
  • Art Design
  • Dynamic Profile Picture Image Generator
  • Website
  • Shopfront for collection
  • Soul-bound SFTs - potions, hair, items. Burn on application
  • Equip and send items to your Bumpkin NFT
  • Load and use equipment in Sunflower Land game
  • Community Art Contributions

Cooking, Feeding and Bumpkin Energy

To boost your Bumpkin's capabilities, players will be able to cook feed to feed to your Bumpkin. When you cook a recipe and consume it, your Bumpkin will earn experience. Once you earn enough experience you will level-up, increase your energy capacity and choose skills from the skill tree.
Beta testing will begin with Sunflower Isles
  • Cooking
  • Stamina replenish algorithm
  • Feeding Bumpkin (In Progress)
  • Skill System
  • Achievements

Gameplay Features

The upcoming gameplay features will be built into the core mechanics of expanding your land and levelling your Bumpkin. Once the above items are completed the team will shift focus to the following features:
  • Fishing
  • Honey / Bees
  • Social Farming
  • Guilds
These features and order in which they are completed are likely to change based on the desires of the community.
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Sunflower Isles (Land Expansion)
Build your Bumpkin - Dynamic NFTs
Cooking, Feeding and Bumpkin Energy
Gameplay Features