Sunflower Land

Web3 Wallets

The game requires users to have a Web3 wallet. It is used to display a users Digital Collections and Crypto Assets. The wallet is a simple interface to connect a user to a blockchain via a secret passphrase which is known as a "seed phrase" (this is 12 randomly generated simple English words) Against typical perceptions, nothing is ever stored on a wallet, The seed phrase is simply a key to tell a blockchain which assets the user has access to. This means that you can take any seed phrase and import it into any wallet to view a users assets. It's also why it's so important to guard it with the upmost security as most people who are hacked or scammed in Web3, have their seed phrase compromised at some level.

Available Wallets


You will need to download Metamask and install it on your preferred browser. Then you'll need to create a MetaMask account.
Remember to keep your password and Secret Backup Phrase safe.

Polygon Setup

Polygon is an Ethereum layer-2 protocol and framework for building interconnected blockchain ecosystems, launched in 2017. Polygon maintains the $MATIC ticker for its native utility token.
You'll need to connect your MetaMask account to the Polygon blockchain.
To connect to the Polygon network you can follow the following article: Your Network configuration should look similar to the following:

Optional RPC networks

When Polygon has heavy traffic, a you may face difficulties connecting to the network. When this happens you can optionally use one of the following RPC URLs in your Metamask config. or or or or


Before playing, you will also need to ensure that you have some $MATIC in your MetaMask wallet to fund your farm. Each time you make a blockchain transaction you need to pay a small amount of $MATIC to the Blockchain to secure your data.
You can buy MATIC tokens on a range of open exchanges. To use on the Polygon network, you will first need to transfer these tokens from the exchange (eg. Binance) onto the Polygon network. The easiest way to achieve this is through Binance's recent Polygon Wallet Integration. Now you can directly withdraw to your Polygon address that was created above during MetaMask/Polygon setup. You can find this by going into the Withdraw section of Binance. Input your Address, select the network (MATIC) and the desired amount. Within a couple of minutes you'll be able to see the amount sent on your MetaMask account.
It is important that you keep the $MATIC in your browser wallet (i.e.) Metamask and do not send it to your farm's address.