Sunflower Land


Bumpkins are your in game character. Before you start playing you will need to mint one from They can also be used as your PFP (Profile Picture) To help support new players who have minted a new farm, your first Bumpkin mint will be FREE, additional Bumpkins are $5 each. You can add additional Bumpkins to your farm when you unlock the tent building. Bumpkins are Dynamic NFTs which means you can update them cosmetically from the website to change their appearance which will also update them in your Web3 wallet as well as inside the game.
To see your Bumpkin changes in game you will need to refresh your browser after the changes have been saved. Changes normally take 30 seconds to update.
You can access your Bumpkin by clicking on the top left of your game This will open your Bumpkin Overview
Here you can see your Bumpkin, visit the website and also see their Level, Experience, Skills and Achievements.
Experience can be gained from feeding your Bumpkin, please see Cooking
To Feed your Bumpkin you need to locate them on your farm and click to see all available food they can eat.


As you level up your Bumpkin you will earn Skill points, these can be used to evolve your Bumpkins ability in different professions. They will apply a boost to your game depending on the path you take.
To enable a skill, you will need to first claim it.
Right now there is no way to change skills so choose carefully, in the future there will be the ability to re-skill.
Skills are locked to your Bumpkin so if you send your Bumpkin to someone, they will benefit from your hard work and you will need to start again.


These awards are presented to you after completing specific requirements. The requirements can be viewed by clicking on the icon for each one. They also come with a prize once completed. Achievements can't be withdrawn.
Here is a guide to the first 30 Bumpkin levels that shows requirements as well as unlocks:
You can learn more about Bumpkins by visiting both the Bumpkin website and also the official Bumpkin Docs. Linked below​

Depositing Bumpkins

To play Sunflower Land, you must deposit a Bumpkin from your personal wallet onto your farm. Once inside of the game you can use it for farming, mining, chopping and exploring.
This change was sparked from community discussion and suggestions to our previous system. The main pain points that depositing a Bumpkin aims to improve include:
  • Instantly equip a Bumpkin without a transaction
  • Mint rare wearables inside of the game
  • Bumpkin can be sent with a farm.
For more details, please read the community discussion​

How do I deposit a Bumpkin?

To deposit a Bumpkin you simply need to log in to Sunflower Land.
A prompt will automatically appear, allowing you to select which Bumpkin you wish to deposit.
Once you have selected your Bumpkin click 'Deposit'.
A Blockchain transaction will appear, transferring your Bumpkin onto your farm. You will need to pay the standard network gas fees for an NFT transfer.
Only 1 Bumpkin can be deposited on a farm. If you wish to switch a Bumpkin, you must first withdraw your current one

How can I use my wearables?

To equip wearables on your Bumpkin in-game, you will need to deposit them onto your farm.
You can deposit wearables the same way you would deposit SFL and collectibles - either through the Bank or clicking on your SFL balance in the top right hand corner of the game.

How do I withdraw a Bumpkin?

To withdraw a Bumpkin you must visit Goblin Retreat and visit the Bank.
Under the 'Withdraw' tab you will notice a button called 'Bumpkin'.
Clicking 'Withdraw' will fire a transaction, returning the Bumpkin to your personal wallet. It is always sad to see a Bumpkin leave, but I'm sure you have a good home for them!