Sunflower Land

Land Expansion & Resources

The goal of Sunflower Land is to grow your farming empire. The easiest way to achieve this is by expanding your land and discovering natural resources such as soil, trees, fruit and rocks.
Once you reach a certain level and gather enough resources, you are able to expand your land.

What resources can I find?

Whilst expanding your land, you can encounter the following resources:
  • Soil (Plant Crops)
  • Trees
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Fruit Patches
  • Boulders
Expanding land does not require a Blockchain transaction. You must wait a time period while the land is being built before revealing your resources.
The amount of resources you find depends on how many pieces of land you have. For the starter expansions (1-8), players will receive the same amount of resources when expanding. For later expansions, please see Land Packs​

Land Packs

Once a player reaches the more advanced expansions, they will enter land pack mode. During a land pack a player randomly receives a piece of land from that pack. On following expansions they will receive one of the remaining expansions in that pack.
This means that you may have more or less resources than someone at a certain level. However, once you both reach the final expansion in that pack you will have attained the exact amount of resources.
Land packs currently include:
  • Expansions 9 to 11
  • Expansions 12 to 14
  • Expansions 15 to 17

Resource Reboot

Monday 3rd of April, 2023
There was an imbalance of resources throughout Sunflower Land. Some say this was caused by an ancient Goblin spell, others say that the developers are bad at coding. Either way it was clear that although some Bumpkins prospered with excessive resources, others starved with a lack of resources. As this imbalance grew, the powers that fuel Sunflower Land slowly become unsettled.
But one day, everything changed. A magical rumble was heard in the mountainous regions of Sunflower Land and suddenly all of the natural resources were reorganised in a massive upheaval. Mountains crumbled and fell, rivers changed course, and entire forests vanished, replaced by new landscapes that no one had ever seen before.
On this day, all resources were removed from players land and sent back to their inventory. This marked a clean slate, where all Bumpkins were treated equally with resources and players could place trees, fruit, crops & rocks where they pleased.
Where are my resources? Go to your Inventory > Chest and you will be able to place your resources. Be careful, you will not be able to move these resources until landscaping is released.
What happened to my crops & fruit in progress? These have automatically been sent to your inventory. You don't even need to wait for them to finish......You are welcome
Where are my boulders? To prevent confusion we have removed boulders from the game. When that feature is ready, players will be airdropped the boulders if they are pass a certain expansion.
I have different amount of resources than someone at the same expansions? Please refer to the concept land packs above.
Why do I have more resources than before? The game previously had bad RNG that meant some players had insufficient resources to thrive in the game. The resource reboot ensures these players now have the appropriate amount of natural resources.
I am missing resources? The purpose of the rebalance was to remove the imbalance of resources and make the game fairer. This means players with excessive resources may lose some of their resources. After much deliberation this was the only way to achieve true fairness in the game. These players have had an advantage for the past 6 months and that has now come to an end.
When can I move my resources? Landscaping is currently in progress. Once this is completed you will be able to move your resources. Until then, choose wisely where you initially place these resources.