Sunflower Land

Solar Flare

March 8th -> April 30th 2023
The Solar Flare season is an exciting and awe-inspiring time of year. During this season, Bumpkins can expect to see vivid auroras dancing across the sky, ranging from brilliant greens to shimmering pinks and purples.
The Solar Flare is the first season at Sunflower Land and will be used to receive feedback and make improvements for upcoming seasons.

Solar Flare Tickets

During the Solar Flare Season, players can earn Solar Flare tickets at the Grub Shop and/or harvesting all types of crops.

Limited Edition Items

During the Solar Flare Season, the Goblin Blacksmith will be offering a range of rare items.
Hurry, these are only available until the end of the season or they sell out!

Beach Ball

The beach ball decoration is a colourful and bouncy addition to your beach paradise!
Supply: 20,000 Requirements: 3 Gold, 50 Solar Flare Tickets


The Giant Crab, defender of Gods and Cabbage.
Buff: +0.1 Cabbage Supply: 7500 Requirements: 500 Cabbage, 3 Gold, 5 Crab, 350 Solar Flare Tickets
Does not stack with Cabbage Boy!

Collectible Bear

With so many bears to collect, this decoration is perfect for any bear-lover and collector.
Supply: 750 Requirements: 1 Basic Bear, 5 Gold, 250 Solar Flare Tickets

Cabbage Boy

Shhhh! Don't wake the baby.
Buff: +0.25 Cabbage Supply: 1000 Requirements: 2000 Cabbage, 15 Gold, 750 Solar Flare Tickets
The Cabbage Boy is the first combinational SFT! If you have the Cabbage Girl on your farm, the Cabbage Boy Boost is increased to +0.40

Cabbage Girl

A Cabbage Baby has appeared out of no where!
Buff: 50% Faster Cabbages Supply: 350 Requirements: 2000 Cabbage, 25 Gold, 1000 Solar Flare Tickets

Palm Tree

With its tall and swaying branches, this decoration creates a relaxing and serene atmosphere wherever it's placed. Supply: 500 Requirements: 1000 Wood, 10 Gold, 300 Solar Flare Tickets


During the Solar Flare season, special event Bumpkins will appear for your chance to mint rare wearables!
Keep your eyes peeled for more information throughout the season

Treasure Island

For a short period of time, the following items are available at Treasure Island:
  • Tiki Totem
  • Lunar Calendar
  • Pirate Bear
  • Whale Bear
  • Sunflower Coin
  • T-Rex Skull
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Being the inaugural season, no seasonal animals will be available.