Sunflower Land

Block Bucks

Block Bucks are in-game vouchers which are used to replenish your shops, expand your land and access other in-game content. These are non trade-able tokens which can only be used in-game.
You can purchase Block Bucks by clicking on the Block Buck icon in the top right hand corner.

How many should you purchase?

Depending on your needs, you can purchase multiple Block Bucks for a discounted price.
When you purchase a Block Buck you must submit a transaction to the Blockchain. A transaction includes additional 'gas fees' which go towards the network. When traffic is high, these gas fees can increase to large amounts.
It is recommended to buy multiple Block Bucks at a time so you only submit 1 transaction, instead of multiple transactions. This ensures overall you are paying less gas fees.

On Chain Data

As of 3rd of May, buying a Blockchain no longer stores your game data on chain. This was to reduce the gas costs. If you wish to store your progress on chain, please see Store Data On Chain​