Sunflower Land

About Sunflower Land

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The Game

Sunflower Land is the world's #1 open source Web3 RPG Farming Simulator. A Play-and-Own crypto game where everything you collect is an asset that you own and is identifiable on the Polygon Blockchain. The concept of Sunflower Land is to Farm Crops, Gather Resources, Cook Food, Raise Animals, Craft Items, Evolve your Bumpkin and Expand your Land to build your farming empire.
The game reflects real life economic supply and demand with an in-built mechanism which makes resources scarcer as time progresses. We focus on balancing Supply and Demand with in game lore to keep our players engaged.

Open Source

We are passionate about building a Metaverse that is shaped and designed by the community. Anyone has the ability to visit our source code on Github, Fork it and continue to build upon it. The core team will oversee any changes to ensure quality and consistency.

Play, Craft and Own

Every item you harvest, gather or craft is an asset 100% owned by you and identifiable on the Polygon Blockchain. This enables people to collect valuable and exotic resources and either use them in game or remove them to trade. Some resources can not be extracted from the farm but any NFT crafted can be shared with friends or listed on supported trading platforms.