Sunflower Land
How to play?
The aim of Sunflower Land is to farm crops, gather resources and craft items. Some items can be exchanged for the Sunflower Land Token, whereas others are used solely for crafting collectibles and NFTs.

Create a Farm

Before creating a farm, make sure you have MATIC and have completed Getting setup with Web3
  1. 2.
    Connect via Discord (Open Beta)
  2. 3.
    Choose your charity and create your farm
Congratulations! You have just minted your very own Farm NFT.
This NFT gives you access to the game and also holds all of the resources you earn.

Earning SFL

SFL is required for crafting tools and expanding your farm. The quickest way to earn SFL is to buy farming crops and exchanging these for SFL.

How to upgrade your farm?

In order to unlock new fields and seeds, you must collect enough resources and craft a recipe for the Goblin that protects the land. Depending on the piece of land, you will need to collect a mixture of SFL and different crops.

How to sync to the blockchain?

All of your progress is saved on our game server. You will need to 'Sync on Chain' when you wish to move your tokens, NFTs and resources on the Blockchain. We recommend players do this every 1-3 days to ensure all of their progress is secured on the Blockchain.
  1. 1.
    Open up the menu
  2. 2.
    Click Sync on Chain
As of writing, this transaction usually costs between $0.1-$0.13 MATIC

How to mint an item?

Once you have collected the necessary resources head to Goblin Land to see some of the rare items the goblins have on offer:

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to do an on chain action in Goblin Land ie. mint, withdraw etc it is recommended that you Sync on Chain before entering so you don't lose any of your progress. You can find the Sync on Chain button in the menu in Sunflower Land.

Entry to Goblin Village
  • Blacksmith
  • Tailor
  • Farmer
  1. 1.
    Selected your item
  2. 2.
    Click 'craft'
  3. 3.
    Accept the Metamask transaction that appears
Most items take time for our goblins to build. During the building process the item will not be available to withdraw. You will see how long the building period will be underneath the rare item recipe.