Sunflower Land

Q1 2023

Updates that are planned between Jan - Mar 2023
The purpose of this Roadmap is to highlight the upcoming features and also to surface community ideas. The roadmap does not include minor improvements & rare in-game item drops. You can refer to Github releases and in-game drops for these dates.


  • Deposit System & Wearables sent to wrong address
  • Multiple Bumpkins
  • Farming Equipment & Buildings (Tractor, Sprinklers + more)
  • Bonus Expansions + enable Bumpkins to move resources (plots, rocks, trees)
  • Bonus Skills + Skill Reset
  • Fishing

Side Projects

The following side projects are being worked on in parallel on Fridays by the engineers. These are experimental and may be released at any given time

Ideas & Proposals

Below are the list of ideas that are being raised in the community. The team will priorities these based on community feedback, voting, onboarding new players & overall impact on the game.
These will first be brought up through Github proposals. The team is also working on in-game voting to ensure the most desired items are prioritised
  • Cows
  • Coffee
  • Daily Rewards
  • Multiple Bumpkins
  • Bumpkin Cravings (bonus XP for food)
  • IOS Application
  • Guild Islands - explore and talk with players
  • Skill tree reset
  • Expansion re-rolls
  • Bees
  • Bumpkin Juice Stand
  • Stone Haven
  • Sunfloria Snow Kingdom
  • Landscaping / Moving Resources on your land