Sunflower Land

Community Garden

Sunflower Land is based on open protocols that enables artists and designers to build on top of the game. This enables players to launch NFTs, gameplay and communities inside of the project.
The Community Garden offers features and NFTs that are built entirely by the community. Here you can view and mint items that have been developed and designed by players in the community.
Thought Farm Pty Ltd does not support or maintain Community Garden features. These are built and controlled entirely by the creators. We accept no liability for loss or damages from these projects. Proceed at your own risk and do your own research into the teams.

How to access the Community Garden?

West of the Sunflower Town you can find a merchant. Clicking on them will open a modal to access the community garden.

How do I use my SFL?

Since these features are designed by community members, you must have SFL in your personal wallet if you wish to mint an item. This is different to the farm wallet where your SFL currently shows in the game.
You get SFL in your personal wallet you must first visit Goblin Village and withdraw SFL from the bank.
The workflow for minting an item in Community Garden typically follows:
  • Approve SFL
  • Mint an item

Where does the SFL go?

For projects to be built in the community garden, a significant amount of the SFL used must be burnt.
For more details on how these team's revenue structure works, please refer to the specific docs below.


Project Dignity (Frogs) -


Do you have questions are need help regarding a specific team of feature? Since these are supported by external teams you must reach out to the team or their Discord group directly.
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