Sunflower Land

Bumpkin Beginnings

Timeline: 0AB - 500 AB


The earliest known recordings of Bumpkin blood traces back to the ancient Saphiro tribe, a group of brilliant Bumpkins that inhabited the Southern Sunflower Isles.
A Saphiro Bumpkin.
For centuries these Bumpkins mastered the arts of farming, crafting and gathering. Through trial and error they uncovered the secrets of advanced cultivating, discovered exotic minerals and danced with the dangers of alchemy.
Unfortunately there are few known records kept from this historic time as all tradition and advanced techniques were passed down only through storytelling. Saphiron Bumpkins were not boastful, which meant only rumours and folklore of the origins of these people remain today.

Broadminded Bumpkins

For a long time, life was blissful in Saphiro - Bumpkins blossomed and innovations were discovered daily.
However, it wasn’t long before a new generation of curious Bumpkins emerged who were willing to push the boundaries. They grew discontent living in small communities and upholding the traditions of their people.
These bored Bumpkins began to build buoyant boats that could travel distances previously unheard of. They honed their sailing skills and over the years they spread throughout the Sunflower Isles, discovering warmer regions, foreign resources and eventually building the initial Kingdoms of the islands.
The most notorious of these Kingdoms was the Sunflorians.