500AB - 760AB

The Sunflorian Dynasty

The Sunflorians were a brave race that bred bold Bumpkins, constantly looking to conquer and expand their reach throughout the Sunflower Isles. Over the centuries, these Bumpkins wrote their name into the history books with discoveries of Stone Haven, Treasure Island, The Retreat and even the far reaching Snow Kingdom.

These initial explorers eventually became the royal families that ruled the Sunflower Isles and the Sunflorian Dynasty was born. It was a prosperous time for all Bumpkins and the future looked bright. Technology was rapidly advancing and they were discovering new land & innovations daily. It was a symbol of pride to be a Sunflorian.

The centre of the Sunflorian sphere was discovery and expansion. As the royal family grew, so did mass mining and deforestation across the islands. The Sunflorians wanted to extract every resource and build as much as they could.

However, as the Sunflorian empire grew, grave rumours spread. It became clear that the discovery of new islands was slowing down. Bold Bumpkins would voyage vast distances on expeditions in search of bountiful land. For the Bumpkins that returned, all they brought was bad news and stories of endless seas and treacherous creatures.

Sunflorians were losing Bumpkins and ships everyday and were facing an existential crisis. If there was no more land to explore, what is a Bumpkin good for?

Bumpkin Bans - 720 AB

To avoid more death and disappointment, Queen Bella (702 AB-758AB) of the Sunflorians instated an exploration ban on all Bumpkins. Bumpkins were always a peaceful community and begrudgingly accepted this decision.

With a ban on travel, the islands were becoming overcrowded and land was rapidly turning sterile. With no other choice, new measures were brought in to preserve resources and space that restricted Bumpkins from building new structures. As the population grew, the Sunflorians clamped down further on these restrictions to keep the peace in the Kingdom. No more crafting, no more planting and no unlicensed trading.

The Bumpkin Boomers who grew up in the bustling exploration period carried fond memories of their voyages and could find peace knowing that they lived a fulfilled life. However, the Bumpkin babies were being brought up in a backward kingdom and were quickly becoming bored and restless.

It wasnโ€™t long before the new generation began experimenting with illegal home-grown parsnips, sneaking out at night to chop down trees, crafting boats and going on joy rides to the retreat.

The Sunflorians were not blind to the rising restlessness of their society. They were losing grip of control. To retain power, more bans were implemented and young Bumpkins were rounded up and jailed. It was evident that conditions were worsening everyday. Riots broke out and prisons overflowed. At risk of a revolution, the Sunflorians made a grave announcement.

All Bumpkins who opposed the Sunflorian Kingdom would be banished from the Sunflower Isles, in search of their own land.

The young buzzing Bumpkins thought their dreams had come true. However, the Bumpkin elders knew this was a death wish. There was nothing to discover but death and disappointment across the seas.

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