๐ŸŒปSunflower Land


The Banished Boat - 760AB

A fleet of boats were arranged for the banished Bumpkins and convicts of the Sunflorian Kingdom. With rumours of treacherous winds to the East, endless water to the South, and dangerous monsters to the West, there was only one direction to go. North. The banished Bumpkins were given a barrel of local Sunflorian Parsnips, a handful of seeds and a wave goodbye.

The travelling Bumpkins faced perilous conditions, starvation and were on the brink of mutiny. Dark days, cold nights and endless Parsnip soup were beating the Bumpkinโ€™s spirit. Luckily, amongst these banished Bumpkins, was Blake the Brainy. Blake had learnt ancient sailing skills passed down through his Saphiron heritage. Through his brilliance and perseverance, the fleet survived the toughest of conditions and held together.

On the 9th week of the journey a miracle appeared on the horizon - Land! As they grew closer they saw vibrant beaches and green pastures filled with Sunflowers. The Bumpkins were breath-taken, they had just discovered Sunflower Land ๐ŸŒป

The Pioneering Settlers

The Bumpkin pioneers were buzzing with excitement as they landed on the shores of Sunflower Land. The settlers cultivated Sunflowers, built houses and explored the surrounding fields. Villages were flourishing, farming was booming and the Bumpkins were blissful. They thought they had found paradise.

However, they soon discovered they were not alone.

First Encounters

During a daily seed gathering routine, Brooke the Bumpkin decided to venture further into the forest to search for exotic seeds. The forest was foreign, puzzling and she quickly became lost. With no bearings, she wandered endlessly for days through the forest trying to find her way home.

One morning she heard strange noises coming from a nearby Blueberry bush. She was curious about the unusual noises but delighted to find breakfast. As she grew closer and reached out her hand to grab a blueberry she heard a loud noise - ACKK!!!

A small green creature popped out of the bush, timid and on high alert. The creature was roughly the same size as Brooke but had rough green skin, long pointy ears and was built like a buffalo.

The creatureโ€™s mouth was smeared in bright blue blueberries and Brooke realised she had interrupted a feast. It was not trying to attack Brooke, it was only trying to gobble as many Blueberries as possible.

In an act of peace, Brooke pulled out a Parsnip brought from the Sunflorian Kingdoms and offered it to the creature. The creature came forward slowly with eyes wide open. The smell of parsnip filled the creatures nostrils and in an instant it snatched the parsnip and swiftly gobbled it down, followed by a loud belch.

Brooke giggled and the tension between the two eased. She decided to call it Goblin.

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