Sunflower Land
Land Expansion
This feature is currently under the proposal stage on Github
The Sunflower Land Token will be an essential part of the Land Expansion feature. Players will need to mint and unlock unique pieces of land. Each piece of land will have a random distribution of resources. If you are lucky, you could discover a rare resource like diamonds!
Land Expansion will serve as a core piece of gameplay which provides a clear goal in Sunflower Land - Expand your land and build your MetaVerse empire.
The aim of land expansion is to gather the necessary resources it takes to expand your piece of the MetaVerse. Each piece of land will offer new & unique resources, available spots to plant, space to grow animals and even new regions to explore the lore of Sunflower Land.
  • More utility and a sink for existing resources (crops, wood, stone, iron etc.)
  • Enable players to build bigger empires on a single account, instead of the temptation of multi-accounting.
  • Add uniqueness to people’s land - Your creation in the MetaVerse
  • Make resource collection accessible and enjoyable to everyone after halvenings
This feature is currently under design. Please read more in the Github Proposal​
  • Players start on an island and collect resources to build out their island
  • Each land you expand is a unique NFT with unique resources/layout
  • Unlock buildings (blacksmith, kitchen etc.) and mechanics as you expand
  • Each piece of land has fertile land where you can plant crops or place animals. You must make the choice which area to focus on
Current farmers will be rewarded with pieces of land in the game proportional to the progress they made.
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