Sunflower Land

Goblins & Humans

Sunflower Land has onboarded thousands of players to Web3 and aims to be a catalyst for the mass adoption of crypto gaming. We believe a big part of our success so far is our low barrier to entry and digest-able gameplay.
Blockchain gaming is riddled with heavy concepts like transactions, liquidity, on-chain / off-chain, staking and many more. Our goal is to ensure that new users to the space have a friendly environment in which they can learn these key concepts in a manageable way.
One of our solutions to this problem is the narrative between Goblins & Humans.


Humans are inherently centralized by nature. They follow strict rules around trading and communication. They have been operating this way for centuries and as a result can perform tasks at a rapid pace with little wait time in between.
In Sunflower Land, the human section of the game represents all of the off-chain gameplay that interacts directly with our game server. This includes:
  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Raising animals
  • Chopping wood
  • Exploring & Collecting resources
  • Crafting items


Goblins on the other hand are mischievous and like to innovate and break the rules. They offer exciting opportunities around NFTs, liquidity pools and other decentralized protocols. The bad news is that Goblins are slow and greedy. They require transactions on the Blockchain and a fee (gas) to process any request.
In Sunflower Land, the goblin section of the game is where you can find all of the on-chain gameplay including:
  • Minting rare items & NFTs
  • Wishing Well (Liquidity pool)
  • Withdrawing / Depositing
  • Resource Trading
Over time more decentralized protocols will be added included into the Goblin Village.