Sunflower Land
Syncing on Chain
Sunflower Land crosses the boundaries between web2 and web3. In order to achieve this, data needs to be synced from the game server to the blockchain. This process required a "gas" fee which is paid to the validators on the MATIC network to authenticate the transaction. There is also a small fee which Sunflower Land adds and this is how we ensure the game can continue to thrive. More can be learnt about the fee structure here.
As the game is currently in Beta, Syncing is a work in progress and will improve but for now it makes sense to understand when and why you are required to sync on chain.

Why to sync

The team have divided the game into two sections to easily identify the difference between the Web2 (Traditional) aspect of the game and the Web3 (Blockchain) Web2 - Sunflower Town
Web3 - Goblin Village
All actions in Sunflower town are stored on the game server and all actions in Goblin Village are stored on the blockchain. This is where Sunflower Land blends both worlds. Consider the server side of your game a temporary state that requires saving so that you can close the browser without loosing progress but in order to ensure it's safety, you need a checkpoint that can never be erased. This is called Syncing on Chain.

When to sync

Here are some examples of when you will need to sync on chain to prevent a loss of data:
  • To refresh Crop, tool or animal supply = Yes
  • To see items in your bank = Yes
  • To withdraw items in your bank = Yes
  • To mint an NFT in Goblin village = Yes
  • To see an NFT you deposited on your farm = Yes (or you can 'reset' session to your last saved point)
  • To Visit Goblin Village = No
  • To grant a wish in the wishing well = No
  • To receive a wish from the wishing well = No
WARNING! Failure to sync data on chain before taking action in the goblin village could cause you to loose your current game progress back to the last time you synced on chain.

Syncing Less

The team is working on a range of initiatives to reduce the amount of times you need to sync on- chain. At its core, you will no longer need to sync on chain before minting, withdrawing or performing other on-chain actions in Goblin Village. A sync will only be necessary when moving game data on on-chain.
  • No longer need to sync on chain after depositing assets (completed - awaiting release)
  • No longer needing to sync before visiting Goblin village (in progress - ETA 2 weeks)

Problems with Syncing

Sometimes the network is busy, this means that the gas fee might be higher than normal. You can always check this via
If you are struggling to sync due to in game errors you can try the following:
First , click on the Site Suggested, when the metamask window pops up
This will allow you to edit the gas fee, Try using aggressive as this may fix most problems.
In most cases this will fix any problems, if not. Then please consider trying to reset metamask by clicking settings - advanced - reset account
If this does not fix any sync problems, then try clearing your cache, resetting your device and failing that ask us in discord.