Sunflower Land


The purpose of fruit is to provide a new farming mechanism to earn SFL in the game. It follows a similar gameplay mechanic to crops so it can be understood easily, but adds a few variations for added interest.
What can you do with fruit?
  • Complete Bumpkin Quests and mint wearables
  • Make food and sell it at the Grub Shop
  • Make food and level up your Bumpkin
  • Sell it at the Market for SFL
  • Craft rare SFTs with the fruit


You can buy fruit seeds & sell fruit at the Market.
Prices below are based on SFL prices as of 5th January 2023. Note, each seed produces between 3-5 pieces of fruit.
Grow Time
Replenish Time
Seed Price
Sell Price
Blueberry Lvl 13
6 hours
6 hours
0.375 SFL
0.15 SFL
Orange Lvl 14
8 hours
8 hours
0.625 SFL
0.225 SFL
Apple Lvl 15
12 hours
12 hours
0.875 SFL
0.3125 SFL


Fruit seeds can only be planted on Fruit patches. You encounter these roughly on your 9th expansion.
When you plant a fruit seed, you must wait a period of time before you can harvest the fruit.
Unlike crops, fruit can be harvested multiple times before the plant dies. This means that once a Fruit has grown, it can be harvested, the player waits and then it can be harvested again.
Each fruit can be harvested between 3-5 times. This is randomly set each time and you won't know how many harvests a fruit has left.
Once you have fully harvested the fruit, the tree will die. You will then need to dig up the tree (using an axe) and collect 1 piece of wood.

Smoothie Shack

Once a player reaches level 15, they are able to build the Smoothie Shack. Here you can make quick smoothies to feed your Bumpkin or sell at the Grub Shop.
Orange Juice
5 Oranges
45 minutes
Apple Juice
5 Apples
1 hour
Power Smoothie
10 Blueberries, 5 Kale
90 minutes
Bumpkin Detox
5 Apples, 5 Oranges, 10 Carrots
2 hours
Purple Smoothie
5 Blueberries, 10 Cabbage
30 minutes

Bumpkin Quest

Are you an avid fruit picker?
If you visit the fruit NPC to the North West of your main island, you may be able to mint free wearables. By completing quests, you can prove that you are a dedicated fruit picker and hopefully attain some limited edition clothing!
These challenges do not require you to burn the fruit.
Collect 10 blueberries
Fruit Picker Shirt
Collect 100 oranges
Fruit Picker Apron
+0.1 Apple, Orange & Blueberries
Collect 750 apples
Fruit Bowl Hat
Players must pay gas fees to execute the transaction

Fruit Utility SFTs

There are a range of rare SFTs that apply utility to fruits.
  1. 1.
    Foreman Beaver - Can chop down Apple Tree and Orange Tree without axes. This does not apply to Bluberry Bushes
  2. 2.
    Kuebiko - Free seeds!
Crop related SFTs & skills do not apply to fruits.
It wouldn't be a feature without some exciting SFTs to craft! During beta testing, there were 25 players which gathered between 0-30 pieces of fruit. There is an increased supply of public fruit SFTs to account for these. An additional 10 supply is also reserved for the team supply.
Immortal Pear
+1 replenish
25 Gold
Helios Blacksmith
Lady Bug
+0.25 Apples
25 Gold, 100 Apples
Goblin Blacksmith
Squirrel Monkey
x2 Orange Tree Speed
25 Gold, 300 Oranges
Goblin Blacksmith
Black Bearry
+1 Blueberry
25 Gold, 700 Blueberries
Goblin Blacksmith